Lukasz Kupczak



MS International Management

Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK

2015 - 2016

DISSERTATION PROJECT: “Recruitment of Chinese students: Push-Pull factors influencing students’ decision to attend Teesside University”. Marketing approach to recruitment of students with analysis of customer behavior. FOCUS: Chinese students looking to study away from China.


Modules: Managing Marketing, Issues in the Global Economy, Managing Operations and Finance, Managing Across Cultures, Managing People in Organizations, Business Management Research, Management and Strategy: Theory and Practice. 

BS Sport and Exercise Science (Applied Sport Science)

Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK

2012 - 2015

DISSERTATION PROJECT: “The effects of a practical 15-minute callisthenic warm-up on factors related to ACL injury prevention in soccer players”. Investigation into perceived benefits of pre-game warmups on reduction of factors related to ACL injuries. FOCUS: Male and female university soccer players.



Year 1 modules:

Anatomy and Biomechanics, Introduction to Motor Behaviour, Introduction to Sport and Exercise Physiology, Foundation Psychology, IIntroduction to Sport Studies, Research and Study Skills.

Year 2 modules:

Strength and Conditioning for Sport, Applied Exercise Physiology, Human Movement in Sport and Exercise, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Research and Proposal, Personal Development and Employability in Sport and Exercise.

Year 3 modules:

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise, Environmental Physiology, Decision Making and Perceptual Training, Personal Development and employability in Sport and Exercise, Dissertation.