Lukasz Kupczak



Classical Charter Schools Network, Bronx, NY

2018 - Present

Marketing Associate

·       Creating marketing content for external events, branding, digital and physical distribution using Adobe Suite.

·       Auditing and maintaining of the Network’s WordPress website and managing of the site’s SEO.

·       Planning and coordinating of the Talent Team’s on-campus recruitment events, tabling and physical marketing.

·       Preparing of marketing reports by collecting and analyzing data related to recruitment, website traffic and trends.

·       Implementing of marketing and advertising campaigns by assembling and analyzing recruitment forecasts.


Camp Echo, 

Bloomingburg, NY


Operations Lead

·       Managed and provided leadership to the operations team at camp.

·       Organized and delivered special event theme days for campers.

·       Built strong rapport with camp directors and assisted in making daily business decisions.

·       Designed and created marketing content to promote events and business.

·       Worked with and provided support to visiting entertainers.

·       Organized setup and greeted visitors coming for camp tours.

·       Prepared camp for incoming tournament teams and prearranged technical set up and favors. 


LegalScreen, Oceanside, NY



Marketing Consultant

·       Worked on the development of the front end design of the website and optimization of user experience.

·       Created and published site content, documents and white papers for customers as well as created images and graphics for website and media use.

·       Provided marketing advice on social media presence, SEO strategy and branding.

·       Conducted extensive industry research and contributed to company’s start-up phase that led to company’s existence.


XMA Ltd., Nottingham United Kingdom


Managed Print Administrator, Finance

·       Managed, created and sent out monthly, bi-monthly and annual billing invoices to customers on contract.

·       Liaised with key customers and stake holders.

·       Created and managed contract summaries for clients holding contracts with XMA Ltd. 


Teesside University, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

2013 - 2016

Marketing & Recruitment Graduate Intern

·       Organized and directed events aimed to increase high school students interest in college. Contributed to exponential growth in recruitment numbers.

·       Designed promotional materials to advertise to potential students and promote events at the University.

·       Managed and trained teams of student ambassadors on events, activities and client expectations while promoting a positive team atmosphere.

·       Developed and maintained relationships with key clients such as schools and community groups in the area.

·       Led Teesside University recruitment events and assisted in organizing nationwide university awareness projects. 

·       Implemented and coordinated social media and other digital marketing campaigns.

·       Successfully organized B2B email marketing campaigns for events, conferences and outreach affairs.

·       I provided support to pupils in local schools and colleges as required through activities/events which may be on or off campus.

·       Worked a minimum of two recruitment or widening participation events per academic year.

·       Acted as a responsible, positive role model to external visitors, stakeholders, prospective students and young people.

·       Acted as an ambassador for the University.

·       Assisted in the development and delivery of widening participation and recruitment activities.

·       Assisted in the operational set up and running of corporate events, to include greeting and signposting visitors on campus and assisting with visitor registration.

·       Assisted in the delivery of subject specific activity for academic schools.

·       Followed child protection and safeguarding procedures at all times.

·       Adhered to the University’s Health and Safety Policy and guidelines.

·       Promoted Equality and Diversity for staff and students.